Someday my mind gives me words that are more interesting than others. Today’s word ‘perspicacity’ is a bit tough.  It’s pejorative counterpart ‘shrewdness’ seems to be more common today, but this character trait, if used appropriately can be beneficial.  Continue reading “Perspicacity”


Tintinnabulation, a word first coined in 1849 by American poet and author Edgar Allen Poe.  It is a neologism and a portmanteau.  Derived from Latin tinnire – to ring, to tinkle; bulum – affix meaning musical instrument. An onomatopoeia, it means a ringing or tinkling sound.

This word appeared also in the poem “Quietude” by Odin Roark which I shared in yesterday’s post.  This morning, as I woke, I was greeted by ‘tintinnabulation’ in seemingly endless permutations. Continue reading “Tintinnabulation”