Someday my mind gives me words that are more interesting than others. Today’s word ‘perspicacity’ is a bit tough.  It’s pejorative counterpart ‘shrewdness’ seems to be more common today, but this character trait, if used appropriately can be beneficial.  Continue reading “Perspicacity”


This ‘word’ didn’t exist until just now. My brain concocted it this morning as I woke. ‘Mellifervescent.’  From the Latin mel, mellis (honey) + -(ef)fervescere (boil up, seeth, bubble, effervesce). The only thing I can think of that could be directly described by this new word is sparkling mead.
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Tintinnabulation, a word first coined in 1849 by American poet and author Edgar Allen Poe.  It is a neologism and a portmanteau.  Derived from Latin tinnire – to ring, to tinkle; bulum – affix meaning musical instrument. An onomatopoeia, it means a ringing or tinkling sound.

This word appeared also in the poem “Quietude” by Odin Roark which I shared in yesterday’s post.  This morning, as I woke, I was greeted by ‘tintinnabulation’ in seemingly endless permutations. Continue reading “Tintinnabulation”