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The Call – Ralph Vaughan Williams — 10 August 2015

The Call – Ralph Vaughan Williams

I recorded this, this morning at Mass at St. John Berchmans Cathedral. It is one of of five pieces composed by Ralph Vaughan Williams in a anthology called “Five Mystical Songs”. This is the fourth of the five movements.

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Ralph Vaughan Williams | Thomas Tallis — 9 August 2015

Ralph Vaughan Williams | Thomas Tallis

I first encountered the mystic sounds of the piece that is stuck in my head today as a freshmen at St. Joseph Abbey and Seminary College in Spring of 2006. I was part of the schola cantorum, and this tune was the basis for one of psalm responses that was sung during the Easter Vigil. Ever since then, I’ve been enraptured when I hear its melody. Continue reading

Ennui — 8 August 2015
At Last – Etta James — 7 August 2015
Dynamic Syncretism — 5 August 2015

Dynamic Syncretism

Today’s word ‘dynamic syncretism’ is a tendency in Hindu belief. It is not a principle of the religion or even something that happens consciously among its adherents. ‘Syncretism’ is the process by which elements of one religion are assimilated into another. The reason that ‘dynamic’ is added to the term when discussing Hinduism is that unlike other syncretic religions: Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam which have each borrowed from no more than two religions directly, Hinduism has assimilated principles from many different systems of belief. Continue reading

Ein Sof — 4 August 2015

Ein Sof

Before He gave any shape to the world, before He produced any form, He was alone, without form and without resemblance to anything else. Who then can comprehend how He was before the Creation? Hence it is forbidden to lend Him any form or similitude, or even to call Him by His sacred name, or to indicate Him by a single letter or a single point. But after He created the form of the Heavenly Man, He used him as a chariot wherein to descend, and He wishes to be called after His form, which is the sacred name “YHWH”. (Zohar, part ii., section “Bo,” 42b)

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The Solitude I Am —
Learn to Fly | Rockin’ 1000 — 3 August 2015
Oxytocin — 1 August 2015
Van Morrison —