Amaranth | Hold up… faster than a time machine!

Some mornings I wake up with two or more things rambling around in my mind.  This morning I was greeted to the new day by this odd buy one get one free combination.



Hold up…  faster than a time-machine!

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about the OCD lexicon

My name’s Jason.  I’ve been plagued by earworms (compulsively repeated words, phrases, or musical tunes) every morning when I wake up since my late teenage years.  Most mornings they stick with me for an hour or so, but recently they have been hanging around for the better part of the morning.  Rather than turn to a medical answer at this point-in-time, I’ve decided to use these seemingly random and certainly annoying features for something creative and productive.  The result is this blog.

Each day I will post an entry of that morning’s earworm.  In each post I’ll try to provide a definition, etymology, image, video, or calligraphy of the day’s word or tune.  Some days words are neologisms or portmanteaux and make little or no sense to anyone but me; with those, I’ll do my best.