All About That Bass – Why? Oh why this song! Anything else, but not THIS!

I am proud to say that I have never been a willing participant in hearing this song. If it plays on the radio in my car, I change stations or turn off the radio altogether. It is pedantic, prattling, and in general represents an unrealistic junction between two totally disparate segments of American culture.  And in my not so humble opinion it adds not one iota of benefit to music as an art.

Before people misinterpret what I’m saying about this song.  It’s message, that is, the idea it conveys is good – awesome even; I totally agree with its message. The chiseled, stick-figure-ish models portrayed in the media don’t promote a realistic expectation of beauty or even of what is healthy. A person’s self-worth shouldn’t be tied to their pant size or age or any other external factor. A healthy sense of pride is important and should never be connected to how others perceive us.

For me that starts by saying to myself, “You’re damn fine! – not perfect, but no one needs to be, and no one can be.  Be you and be happy. If someone doesn’t like it, tell ’em to piss off!” That’s where it begins, by letting yourself know that no one will be your judge¹. Strength, courage, beauty – these all come from within and you will never find them by looking elsewhere.

Oh and before you hit play, be warned – it’s bad, really, really bad, but that’s just my opinion.

Be warned!

¹For my religious friends, priests, pastors, etc, if you’re even reading this, I’m not talking about eternal judgement, I’m talking about bullying and peer pressure.  This is not a theological blog and doesn’t attempt to be.  It’s just my ramblings about that crap that gets stuck on repeat in my head every morning and drives me crazy.  See the about page for more information.

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